Ozone Labs 300 X-8 Pro And X-Racer

Ozone Labs 300 X-8 Pro And X-Racer

Assembly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blm-x9pNLaM Flight Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wdz6be-OQwQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL6eTgz6VT0 Important Specs and info I printed the frame out of PLA, two walls thick, with a 30% infill on my MakerGear M2. And as you can see in the video it flies very solid for using little to no hardware. Altho the spacers seem to be useless in the Quad-X frame, they play a crucial roll in the X-8 frame. Spacers on the X-8 frame should be crazy glued back to back, to help score some rigidity. Keep In mind for the X-8 you may need at least 60C discharge rate packs. To avoid cell damage and puffing. Eight motors pulling peaks of 15-18 amps at 12 volts, (3s) boils down to 1500-1700watt peaks. Amps sure do add up. Now you have a 300 size that peaks out at 1.7kw. Motors Used: Emax 2300kv Props: 5×6 carbon fiber ESC: Emax 12amp Pack: 3s 1400mah or 2200mah Controller: CC3D, NAZE32, or APM Mini(with my personal favorite 8bit microcontroller) Frame Weight:185 grams X-8 Frame Weight: 270 grams Quad-X Weight With 1400mah pack: ~1.5lbs X-8 Weight with 2200mah pack: ~2.25lbs Need a bag of: Hitch Pin Clips 3/16 1” Cons (Need to be Solved) -Mild Boom wobble -Not made of Carbon Fiber -A little Heavy(slowly getting stronger and lighter though) -Currently can’t be purchased -Requires further development -Development account unfortunately seized by Mass.Gov Pros -Less then five minute frame assembly (F1 Inspired) -Easy to repair -No tools required for air frame assembly (AR-15 Inspired) -Use of Hitch Pin Clips is the only hardware required for frame assembly -Modular Design (Lego Inspired) -Designed with Lean Manufacturing methods in mind Hot glue works good to lock in the motor booms, and void wobble.

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