So Why the name Orion?

So Why the name Orion?

Some may wonder. Why the name Orion?

It was a chilly night, must of been in the mid to upper 40s, on March-18-2012. Sitting near the 42th parallel in a small town in New England. It was the first time I “somewhat” successfully lined up a telescope with Polaris. It was my dads Bushnell Bausch & Lomb Criterion 4000. Old little 5″ compound telescope. Although the lighting condition was not optimal. I had neighbors porch lights contaminating the results, and giving away my position. Visibility was also not that great. And the equatorial mount had this mild play, I’d been fight or weeks prior, trying to eliminate as much slop as possible. I turned my telescope setup over to Orion Slapped an old Nikon D70 I had borrowed from my friends dad. And took this 2 min long exposure. My brain was forever reprogrammed, after the image processor on the slow D70 finally rendered the image. There it was, right before my eyes the Orion Nebula.

It was effectively the first time I compensated for earths rotation from my vantage point.  Even if it was only for a few seconds, or it wasn’t perfectly lined up. Still helped put so much into perspective.

Maybe in the future I’ll dig up my first pics of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and my crazy moon pictures. Of course taken way before Orion. And it might be time for me to build a 12″ reflector and have another go at Orion.