Orion Silent Launches The Scar UAV

Orion Unmanned launches Scar UAV in partnership with Botmon Drones. More Info: https://scaruav.com

Orion Acquires CNC Mill

Recently Orion acquired a Tormach 3 axis CNC milling machine, to extends our manufacturing capabilities.   These fancy new tools allow us to route or mill parts out of a wide range of materials, from plastics to titanium, we can machine it.  We are currently mainly focused on Aluminum’s and Plastics. And tightening up our

So many aircraft projects!

Exciting times ahead!

Custom UAV Builds

We work with you to build a custom UAV for your industry needs. Whether it be a Plane, Wing, Multirotor, or Helicopter. Our team will be there with you every step of the way.

FMD 3D Printing, 3 axis CNC Milling

With five years experience in open source FDM 3D printing. Our in house 3D printing capabilities allow us to create prototypes in just hours. Which greatly incenses productivity, and saves our clients money. Then it’s on to our in house 3 axis CNC mill, to finish 3d prints, or produce final production. We can mill part out of all the way to parts made out of Titanium. The combination of these manufacturing technologies is unparalleled.

Aerial Services

Whether you need inspection services in the power-line,  pipeline, or insurance industry. Or maybe you require footage for Real-Estate, events, commercials, and promotions. Orion’s FAA licensed and insured team is there to help. With state of the art equipment, 4k video, 12mp pictures, and 3d Mapping capabilities. Our team can adapt to your needs.

3d Design, PCB, and Software Development

With over 7 years experience in 3D mechanical design. Over a decade experience in software development, and cyber security. And two years experience in Hardware development. Our team has the necessary skills to bring your idea or project to life.

Cloud Infrastructure and IOT solutions

Here at Orion Unmanned Systems we understand the vast amount cloud based resources and services available to modern industry, business, and research institutions. We leverage cloud based infrastructure, to support business services as simple as email and website hosting. All the way to complex cloud based compute clusters, intercommunicating with IOT sensory and robotics on a global scale, to solve your automation needs.

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